Office Essentials

Whether its desk and chairs, or computers and appliances, and not forgetting the staplers, there’s plenty to consider when equipping a business office.

At Zazko we have a vast range of cheap office essentials, we’ve brought everything you will need together into one place, what could be easier?

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Time to work

To keep meetings and deadlines front and centre you will need office diaries, and we’ve got every shape, size and design that you’ll ever need.

Calendars are essential for planning time and projects, day at a time desk calendars and week, month and year wall calendars will always be at home in any office.

If you manage projects then planners are essential, whether large, wall-mounted planners or smaller desktop versions they will all have the ability to record deadlines, objectives, finances and resources.

Clippity clip

If it needs a fastener then we’ve got the right clippy thing for you, you may need staplers and staples, paperclips and pins, or perhaps glue is the better option, then there is always sticky tape and tack, we have a huge range to bring it all together for you.

Yay, post-its!

Who doesn’t love a brightly coloured post-it note, we’ve got different sizes and quantities from 3M and other brands, all just waiting to end up on a wall, monitor or whiteboard!

Cut it out

Let’s cut to the chase, every sharp business needs trimmers, scissors and maybe even guillotines, with all that paper to handle sometimes you have to cut it down to size, and Zazko have got every snippy/cutty thing you’ll need.

All of our office essentials are ready to join your office team right away, and come with free delivery.

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