Network Devices

There are almost limitless applications for a computer network. In a home or business setting a network enhances productivity and connectivity, enabling you to share files easily, and increase your redundancy and data protection processes. A network can also serve as an outstanding home entertainment system or run CCTV security systems.

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Sum of all the parts

Creating a network is easier than you might think, modern networking software is much easier to use than older systems, and networking components all talk the same language and connect to each other readily.

You will need cables of course to connect it all together, and whilst many devices will already have wired and wireless network features built in, for some machines you may need plug in network connectors, again these are easy to install.

Powerline adaptors can be useful if you don’t want to install cables in your home, they transmit data across your power wiring, simple!

Business networks

A business can take advantage of the latest IP telephony, for state of the art video calling and conference calls.

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