Network Attached Storage

Network Attached Storage (NAS) allows many users across a network to store and share files in one place, instead of individuals having their own storage.

Documents, photos, music and movies can be shared across the network making NAS an ideal solution for both business and home users.

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How does a NAS work?

A NAS is in essence a hard drive that is connected to the network, whether it’s a large business network or a smaller one in the home. Users can then send and retrieve files on the NAS, at fast network speeds.

If you are a business then this makes network management much easier as your data can be safely shared, which makes it much easier for team working.

Not only that, but one big advantage is remote access, once the network is configured for secure access you can log in remotely to access your data, your very own cloud storage solution.

Desktop or rack?

There are desktop and rack mounted models available, if space is an issue desktop models may be quite sufficient for your needs, but larger networks may be better served by a rack mounted setup.

Protecting your data

NAS drives come in vast capacities, enough to store all of your data, but you need to protect your data, RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Disks) can help with this as your data is stored on several drives at the same time, giving you fall-back options in the event of drive failure.

If you need advice to help you decide on your best option then please contact us and we’ll be glad to help, we offer a wide range from leading brands such as Buffalo and Seagate, whether it’s cheap Network Attached Storage you need or a large system for a big business, all available with free delivery.

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