Nettop PCs are a cheap and small alternative to a standard desktop computer. They have an extremely small form factor which is well suited if you have space limitations, they can be hidden away in a corner on any desk.

As you would expect, Nettop PCs are lower powered, they have less memory and storage but they still have upgrade options.

They are ideal as a back-up PC or for a specific computing task.

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Home Theatre

There are many applications for Nettop PCs, you could connect one to your TV and use it to stream and record a wide range of content, they can be very flexible in this role and can be networked with other computers in your house to make it easy to display media from many devices through your TV, plus of course you can surf the web whilst sitting comfortably in your favourite chair!

Leading Brands

We have a wide range of Nettop PCs for you to choose from, from the likes of Asus, Gigabyte and Apple, and of course we can help you with a new monitor or TV if you need it, and all of the cables you will need to get connected, so if you want to buy Nettop PCs then we have everything you will need, and all with free delivery.

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