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Intel Motherboards

A motherboard in many respects IS your computer, you plug processors, graphics cards and memory in to it, but the motherboard pulls it all together, a motherboard with a chipset from Intel is perfectly suited to system builders and dedicated overclockers.

We have Intel motherboards from Gigabyte, Asrock and MSI, and some great bundle deals, we have cheap motherboards and top of the line models, take a look and see what you like.

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What Is a motherboard?

A motherboard is the circuit board that hosts or connects to all of the other parts in the computer, including power supply, processor, memory and hard drives, they come in several sizes, Micro ATX, Mini ATX and ATX.

Why buy a new motherboard?

Upgrading your motherboard is the path to upgrading your entire system, all other upgrades tend to be small steps, a new motherboard can give you a leap forward to a whole new level.

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