Choosing a monitor is an important decision to make, you will spend a considerable amount of time looking at it, so you need to make sure you choose wisely, and as always Zazko are ready to help.

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Making the right choice

We have literally hundreds of monitors at Zazko, from the leading manufacturers such as Samsung and Acer along with many more, choosing can be difficult, but we have some tips for you, the starting point is size.

Size matters

Size is about personal preference and available space, if you are a gamer or into video editing you may want big screens, but twin monitor setups can be very desirable in either case, so you may want to sacrifice size for the flexibility of two screens.

You also need to consider resolution, make sure that large monitors support high resolutions, you don’t want a big fuzzy image, you want a sharp and vibrant picture with plenty of depth.

Response Time

If you are a gamer then response times are crucial, faster the better to keep up with fast moving 3D games.


There is a lot of variance in prices across the range, if you want cheap monitors then Zazko have them, but we also have high-end models at the very best prices for you to consider,

All our monitors are available with fast and free delivery.

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