Microsoft Windows

Zazko presents Microsoft Windows 10

The majority of users of PCs tend to use Microsoft Windows as their operating system, we are all familiar with using it and if you are looking to upgrade your OS or are building a system from scratch, then we’ve got the software you need, so you should buy Microsoft Windows from Zazko!

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The best yet

Without a doubt Windows 10 is the best version of Windows yet. With so many familiar elements from Windows 7, yet with new and improved features, we can all let the ghost of Windows 8 quietly lay at rest!

Windows 10 is easy to use, and it runs smoothly and efficiently.

Familiar ground

The Start menu is rightly back where it belongs, and the ultra-fast boot up means no long waits. Speed is tangible, with the system automatically managing resources to run at optimum speeds.

Windows 10 helps you work faster, it can also help you work and play longer on laptop devices. Battery Saver technology automatically saves energy giving you much longer sessions from one charge.


Windows 10 comes with enhanced built-in security to protect you against viruses and online threats, with updates downloaded automatically to keep your protection up to date.


The future is fast arriving in the shape of digital assistants, the Microsoft digital assistant Cortana brings a whole new dimension to computing. The more you use it the more Cortana learns about you and your computing needs, it can help with scheduling appointments and recording notes, and so much more.

At Zazko we have the latest Microsoft Windows 10 software ready for you to enter the latest chapter in the Windows journey!

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