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PC memory is also known by its formal title of RAM (Random Access Memory), these are the chips that store programmes whilst they are running, when the machine is off they are empty, unlike the sort of memory found in hard drives and flash drives which keep your files stored.

Upgrading your PC memory is one of the cheapest and quickest ways to give your computer a performance boost, it will run quicker and could give you more performance for games and video editing.

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At Zazko we have a broad range of memory to choose from, with something from all of the major brands such as Kingston, Crucial and Corsair.

We stock all of the varieties of speeds, form factors and capacities, use the filters on the left to narrow your search, if you need help you can use the online Kingston Memory Configurator to scan your system.

When you’ve made your choice from our range of cheap PC memory you can order safe in the knowledge you are also benefitting from free delivery.


Installing memory does mean physically adding a component to your computer, but desktop cases are easy to open and the interior is easy to access, you can find advice online for the safety precautions you should take, the most obvious being to ensure the machine is unplugged from the mains supply.

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