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Laptop Memory

Memory upgrades are a cost-effective way of giving your laptop a performance boost and may help resolve problems with it running slowly or locking up.

Upgrading memory is straightforward, Zazko can help you buy memory at great prices to get your laptop moving again.

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Choosing the right memory

If you are not sure what you need then using something like the online Kingston Memory Configurator is recommended, this will tell you exactly what your upgrade options are.

Once you know what you need you can then buy it from Zazko, from the big names such as Kingston, Corsair and Apple.

We have different capacities and a variety of speeds, often you need to use the same sort of memory already used in your device although in some cases you may be able to upgrade, again the memory configurator tool can help with this, or check with your laptop manufacturer.


This depends on your confidence and ability and the laptop construction, many have covers underneath which you can easily remove to swap memory in/out, others may be sealed and should only be opened by a qualified technician.

Whichever way you choose to go we have a wide range to choose from, and all at low prices and with free delivery.

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