Memory Cards

Memory cards have become an essential companion for our electronic devices, you’ve come to the right place to buy memory cards as we can offer you a fantastic choice, from cheap memory cards for general use in tablets and smartphones to the latest high-speed and high-capacity cards for use in premium digital cameras.

We stock cards from the major well-known brands such as SanDisk and Kingston Technology, as well as long standing companies like Verbatim, all of our cards can store photos, videos, music and files, the possibilities are endless.

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At Zazko we have plenty of format choices for you, including MicroSD, SD and Compact Flash, with a range of capacities available in each format, something for every phone, tablet and camera.

We also offer memory sticks, which are called a variety of names such as thumb drives and pen drives as well, but they all share in common the ability to move files around with ease, particularly large and very large files.

So, when you are looking to buy memory cards Zazko should be your first choice, and whether it’s cheap memory cards or premium versions you’ll find we can satisfy your needs, even at capacities in excess of 128GB!


We offer free delivery on all of our products, using a reliable and swift delivery service.

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