Meeting & Presentation

So much business activity revolves around meetings and presentations that it is a crucial area to get right, that means ensuring you have the right equipment and materials to get your message across.

Whether you want professional presentations or printed materials, Zazko have got an impressive range of products for the professional looking to buy meeting & presentation kit.

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No office is complete without a flipchart, the backbone of meetings and presentations long before presenting software came into our lives.

Flipcharts bring simplicity to the fore, they support free-thinking and creativity in meetings & presentations or are a quick way of creating visual aids.

We stock A1 flipcharts and flipchart pads, we also have easels for displaying them on, which are height adjustable and fold for easy transportation.

We also have all the pens and markers you’ll need, from dark colours to highlighters.

Binding machines and accessories

Despite us being firmly in the digital age printed and bound reports are still one of the best ways to produce a professional report, staples are fine for a few sheets but when it comes to binding large reports there is no alternative to a proper binding machine.

We have plastic comb binders and thermal binders depending on your preference, aside from the machines themselves we also have all of the supplies you will need for those large printing runs.


Laminating is a simple way of preserving documents or creating simple effective signage, laminator machines are easier to use than ever, with pouches in a variety of sizes up to A3 and we have a full range here at Zazko.

Whiteboards and noticeboards

A good quality whiteboard is an indispensable addition to any meeting room, office space or classroom, they are ideal for presenters to make notes and can encourage group participation.

Interactive whiteboards have even brought digital features to the standard whiteboard, one of the best examples of the effective merger of analogue and digital technology, taking conference calling to a new level of usability as anything scribed on the screen can be shared online.

Aside from whiteboards we have all the pens you need to get the best out of them, and magnets for the magnetic versions, all available with free delivery from Zazko.

Don’t forget the humble noticeboard either, we have plenty for you to choose from, along with pushpins and tacks, so if you’ve got an old tatty one slowly falling off the wall in the office, time for an upgrade!

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