Laptops have very much come of age, there is now a vast choice for the consumer, whether you need them for business, home or study use, and with great offerings from HP, Apple, Dell and others, we’ve got plenty for you to look at here at Zazko, all at low prices.

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As with many tech purchases you need to think about what you will use a laptop for, this will quickly narrow down your options, if want high performance for gaming and video editing then look for fast processors and graphics chips, but if it is for more routine usage then budget and mid-range laptops will probably be sufficient for your needs.

A laptop for you

If you are on a tight budget then we have laptops under £200 which will still satisfy, being suitable for day to day internet use and general admin, Acer and Asus have a number of models in this range.

Ultra-lightweight Chromebooks are a popular choice, with slimmed down operating systems they are light, with long battery life, and are great for online use.

If you want something a bit more flexible and powerful then look to mid-range laptops from Toshiba, HP and Dell, they will give a much broader range of capabilities, supporting internet use, photo editing, study, office work and entry level gaming.

If you are a business user then Dell have a wide range of models at excellent price points, providing reliable and cost effective mobile computing.

Apple MacBooks are often the first and only choice for artists, designers and professionals, but if you have the budget then they deliver outstanding performance for any user.

If it’s gaming you’re after then you need to look at our range of specialist gaming laptops, these are high performing machines built from the ground up to deliver high speed, high definition 3D gaming.

Types of laptop

Notebooks are smaller than standard laptops, but they will come with smaller screens, so consider what your priorities are, portability or usability.

Ultrabooks are high performing laptops at the top of the range, they are fast and have the very best specifications, and at Zazko they come at the most competitive prices.


The processor is the heart of a laptop, processing data and performing tasks. AMD and Intel are the two most commonly found, the more powerful the processor, the faster the computer.


Storage capacities on laptops are measured in gigabytes (GB), the more the better.

Great Value

Whether you are looking for cheap laptops or high end Ultrabooks we’ve got a great range at Zazko, all available with free delivery.

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