Laptop Bags

Laptops, despite their name, really don’t spend all of their time on laps, they are mobile devices that just love to get out and about in the big wide world.

If you are thinking about buying laptop bags then you’ve come to the right place, we have a great range from you to choose from at Zazko, whether it’s over your shoulder, in your hand or on your back, we’ve got the bag for you!

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It can start with just a simple sleeve, something for your laptop to slide into where it can be warm and comfy and most of all protected, whilst being easy to slip into a larger bag if needed.


These are probably the height of mobility, whether you are walking or cycling a bespoke laptop rucksack will give far better protection and comfort than your old sports kit rucksack, they can take up to 17 inch laptops with ease, they have pockets and features aplenty, and layers of foam padding to protect your laptop.

Carry Cases

Laptop carry case tend to be slightly more formal in looks, a more classic appearance perhaps for a business user, coming in a range of capacities and again with plenty of pockets and features to maximise usability.


Not just a backpack with wheels, these are perfect for serious travelling, being able to accommodate your laptop safely, whilst also providing space for other equipment and perhaps clothing for a weekend away, with plenty of pockets for smaller items, and again plenty of padding to keep everything safe and secure.

With free delivery, you can be sure of a good deal at Zazko, and aside from bags we offer a great range of laptop accessories, from batteries to docking stations, so please browse our site to see what’s on offer.

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