Laptop Accessories

If you have a laptop you will know that you always need a great set of accessories to look after and get the best out it, and at Zazko we can help you buy laptop accessories to do just that.

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A laptop is often quite an investment, and one you will want to protect, we have a variety of cable locks, in key and combination formats, and the majority are universal so you should find the right one for you.

Privacy filters are ideal when you need to keep your on-screen activity private, they darken the screen but only to those viewing from the side, so you can still work (or play!) away.


For a lot of people a spare charger is essential, having another at work or in your laptop bag can avoid that scenario when you realise you are on half-charge and forgot to bring your charger with you.

We have got chargers from all of the leading brand names to keep you powered up.


Extend your mobile activity by getting a second battery, or replace your old one to get that new battery performance back again, we have batteries from Acer, Lenovo and HP and many more.

Docking Stations

Docking stations can stretch the usability of your laptop to desktop levels, enabling you to connect to printers, screens and keyboards they can really boost the capability of your laptop.


Laptops are great, but are not always best suited to being literally on your lap, we stock a wide range of stands and cooling stands to get you in a nice comfortable position when using your laptop, they help keep your desk environment tidy, and cooling features can help your laptop run efficiently whilst keeping you cool.

We’ve got laptop accessories from HP, Dell, Acer, Apple and many more, all ready to ship with free delivery.

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