Home Security & CCTV

Either in the workplace or at home security is always an important concern, CCTV can add a vital layer of security and at Zazko we have plenty of options for you to consider if you are looking to buy CCTV security systems, all at great value prices.

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System Design

A CCTV system works very effectively when networked, so you may want to start by creating a network for it to operate through first, whether it’s using a rack or tower server or even a smaller NAS device, depending on the size of your operation.

The main advantage of this approach is that it centralises all the operating functions in one place, making it much easier to manage the system and view/archive the footage.

It’s then all about the cameras, and there is a camera available for every application, there are models with day/night capability, motion activation and even sound recording, they are also available in wired and wireless versions.

We can also equip you with DVR recorders, a range of other CCTV accessories, and complete ‘out of the box’ CCTV systems.

Security extras

You came here to buy CCTV security, but here at Zazko we offer so much more, we have door entry systems, intercoms, alarms and plenty of accessories to get the best out of the, all with free delivery