Headsets & Gaming Headsets

We sell standard headphones at Zazko, but there are more specialist devices available that are particularly suited to gaming and professional telephony, you may be better off if you buy headsets or gaming headsets rather than just a set of headphones.

Headsets and gaming headsets are based on headphones, but they also have a microphone enabling two-way communication.

Headsets bring usability and freedom to communication, they are great for video gaming and video chat through services such as Skype, but they also have applications in voice recognition and telephony, as they free your hands up to work whilst you talk!

Headsets can be multi-purpose too, there are models available with removable or retractable mics, so that you can use them just for watching cat videos on the internet or listening to your latest favourite album.

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We have cheap headsets and high-performing models that are the best on the market, all at low prices at Zazko, with plenty of choice when it comes to designs and features.

If you are a business user then we have professional models from well-known office names like Plantronics, and for true audiophiles we have the very best headsets from Sennheiser.

Gaming Headsets

If you are a dedicated online gamer then we have specialised gaming headsets from Turtle Beach and HyperX, gaming headsets have the very best ergonomic features and crisp sound across all tonal ranges so that you can hear everything your favourite game throws at you.

All of our headsets are available at the very best prices and with free delivery, so please make a selection using the filters on the left or scroll down to browse.

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