Hard Drive - External

A number of reasons can lead someone to buy external hard drives, they can give you a quick and easy storage boost for your home computer or laptop, or thanks to their portability they can give you a means of moving your data around, or they can form part of a data recovery solution where you keep your backups offsite.

Even cheap external hard drives can deliver impressive performance for their price point, and even at lower prices you can secure large capacities.

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There are plenty of manufacturers offering external hard drives including Western Digital, Verbatim and iStorage.

Choosing the right model

There are several different types of Hard Drive that you can choose from, it’s just a question of deciding what will be the best fit for your needs.

The latest SSD models offer very fast speeds in a lightweight and portable format, but there are still plenty of non-SSD options that will still give you a lightweight option.

Desktop models are a more permanent solution, they often have much higher storage capacities and are ideal if increasing storage is more important to you than portability, they are offered in sizes exceeding 10 Terabytes.

The majority of devices are connected using USB, but there are some wireless options available.

At Zazko we stock all the major brands, including iStorage, Western Digital and Seagate, with all of them offering both cheap external hard drives and more expensive models, and all are available on free delivery, so this is the right place to buy your external hard drives!

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