Gaming Laptops

The best gaming laptops are all about performance, usually far exceeding that of regular machines, both laptops and desktop PC’s. Even relatively cheap gaming laptops will deliver portability coupled with top-level performance which will enable your 3D games to fly, presented in high-definition on the latest displays, and supported by highly responsive keyboards.

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Choosing the right model

A fast processor and class leading graphics performance are the key features to look for if you are a gamer, GPUs from the likes of AMD, GeForce and Nvidia will get the most graphical performance out of the latest games

When it comes to screen size you will want at least 15 inches, and the biggest you can handle will give you the best visual results, high-definition resolutions are a must, and anti-glare displays will ensure you can play for long periods safely.

Ergonomic nirvana is attained by choosing the very best gaming laptops that have keyboards with palm rests and key layouts designed specifically for gaming.

Moving around

Gaming laptops can be heavier, and will need more outlay than for a standard laptop, but even cheap gaming laptops can provide a fully immersive experience that you can take on the road, either to a friend’s house or to a LAN party, at Zazko we can get your high-end gaming fully mobile.


We offer all of the big names in the business, HP, Lenovo, ACER and Asus all feature, and all are available with free delivery, the best gaming laptops from the best supplier, place your order now!

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