Game Controllers

Effective gaming is all about the right setup, your own skill is of course also crucial, but to get the best out of it you need the right accessories, so it’s important that when you buy game controllers you buy the best.

Zazko can equip you with specialist gaming surfaces, mice and keyboards, as well as the best gamepads and joysticks, and if you need to burn some rubber, then we have the steering wheel for you.

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Playing a game on a PC using a keyboard and mouse is one thing, but if you are after that slick console experience then a gamepad controller can make all the difference.

The controllers we stock come in wireless and wired versions, so you can choose between them depending on your preference, all come with ergonomic features as you would expect.


Gaming often involves long sessions, eyestrain can quite literally be a headache, Gunnar offer a range of eyewear which can reduce eyestrain, helping you to stay immersed in your gaming experience for longer without discomfort.

They feature silicone and rubber parts and are lightweight, all features designed for comfort, they also utilise i-AMP technology, specialist lenses which remove distortion and tints that filter excess light and UV rays, all topped off with coatings on the lenses that reduce glare and minimise the risk of scratching.

Steering Wheels

If fast cars are more your thing than combat games then a steering wheel will transform your driving experience, the latest models are full of nice styling details and great technical features that ensure precise responses to your control inputs.

Couple a steering wheel with a great set of pedals and you’ve got a complete setup, we’ve got the best names on the market, with Logitech and Speedlink both featuring, all on free delivery.


If you are more into flying high then a joystick is the way to go, with out of this world styling and multiple features such as rapid-fire triggers and programmable buttons we’ve got some great models for you, again packed with ergonomic design elements to keep you performing at your best.

We offer the best prices on the internet, so if you are looking for cheap game controllers then Zazko can help!