Firewire Cables & Accessories

Firewire, or IEEE 1394 as it is also known (less catchy we know), is a great choice for moving digital video around, it really specialises in that area so if you are looking to buy Firewire cables & accessories then we have made sure that we have the best quality products for you, as chances are you are a professional user.

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It is a cable format that enables you to connect digital video devices like cameras and camcorders to recorders and computers for editing and archive purposes.

Apple created the format but it has since been adapted and standardised across the industry so you are now assured of compatibility between Firewire devices, it functions in a similar way to USB but with data transfer rates of 800Mbps can be a much faster solution.

If Firewire is not the best fit for your needs then you can check out our USB cables for alternative data transfer solutions, but if it’s Firewire you need then we have cheap Firewire Cables & Accessories ready for you with free delivery.

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