Ergonomics is a word that has become common in the workplace, employers have become familiar with the need to ensure that staff are safe and comfortable, it’s something we take seriously at Zazko as well, and we offer plenty of products to help.

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The main aim with ergonomics is to improve comfort, which in turn helps people be more productive, it may be a more supportive chair, monitor stands or an adjustable foot rest, there are plenty of options available.

At some point, we have probably all experienced aches and pains, but if it’s happening regularly at work or in the home office then chances are your workstation is not correctly configured.

First steps

Assess your current setup, in the workplace there are often people trained to do this, and online advice is available, even small adjustments in one area can have a big impact overall.

A wrist support can prevent or minimise the risks of wrist and arm strain, a lumbar support added to an existing chair can stop back problems before they start, and a foot rest can help resolve posture issues.

Stand up!

Growing in popularity are standing workstations, it may seem counter intuitive but standing can be more comfortable and healthier, there is less risk of posture issues and it can lower the risk of weight gain associated with sitting at desks for long periods.

They are surprisingly easy to use, and can keep you fitter whilst working, best of all worlds!

Whatever you choose all of our ergonomic products come with free delivery, and we have a wide range of other office products at Zazko which you mind useful.

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