Disk Arrays

If you’ve come to this category chances are you are a business user, those looking to buy disk arrays tend to be companies looking for enterprise level storage solutions, or serious tech-heads, who are welcome here too!

Our disk arrays feature several hard drives that run as an array, enhancing data protection, and they come with extra redundancy such as additional PSU’s and fans.

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Arrays can be run in a RAID configuration, a setup where the data is stored identically on each drive, which can form part of a data backup strategy, or arrays can be used for virtualisation, which improves flexibility and ease of access.

Zazko has a great range of disk arrays, in capacities exceeding twenty-five drives, we have all the big names like Fujitsu, Dell and HP, ensuring you have the latest tech in your system.

So, if you’re in the market to buy disk arrays then you’ve come to the right place, with free delivery on all of our products, including enterprise systems, you will find the right solution here at Zazko.

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