Desktop PC

In our increasingly mobile world it’s easy to forget the advantages a desktop PC can offer, they can still offer considerable power and performance, often far exceeding that of laptops and All-In-One PCs, if performance matters most to you then you will want to buy Desktop PCs as your first choice.

You will be able to enjoy a full-size monitor and keyboard, the best sound from full size speaker systems, and not only be at the leading edge of performance, but be able to stay there with upgrades.

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Getting it right

At Zazko we’ve got plenty of options for you, but you need to consider your needs before diving in, if you are a gamer or are looking to edit movies then you will be looking for a premium product with high processor speeds and large amounts of memory.

If you are looking for a fixed machine for more routine tasks such as internet use and office work, then cheap Desktop PCs might be well suited to you.

Value without compromise

Familiar names like Acer and HP have plenty of lower end models that will be great value, and don’t compromise on performance for routine computing.

The middle ground

If you look at the machines in the middle of our price range you’ll be able to stretch performance to be able to engage in some gaming and photo and video editing, provided your needs are fairly modest.

Premium Desktop PCs

The top end of the range is offered by a number of manufacturers including HP, Apple and Dell, these machines are the best of the bunch and will deliver outstanding performance.


The great thing about Desktop PCs is the ability to easily upgrade, perhaps a processor upgrade first, then maybe some extra memory or storage, all options we can help you with at Zazko.

Free delivery

Whether a home user or business looking to buy Desktop PCs, all of our products are available with free delivery.

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