Data Cables

We’ve come a long way since we started sending data through copper cables many decades ago, these days’ fibre optic cables are the fastest and most efficient way of getting networked devices talking to each other.

If you need to buy data cables then you probably already know that, and may also be aware that fibre is not affected by electrical interference and can transport much more data than standard cables.

Belkin and StarTech have a wide of products available, all stocked at Zazko and available with free delivery.

You will need to consider whether you need to specify multimode or singlemode, both are very capable but multimode is better suited to short runs within an office or building environment.

We have all of the popular sizes available here at Zazko, whether you need to specify faster speeds or greater bandwidth we can help advise you on the right solution.

We know that business users will be focused on price as well as performance, we offer cheap data cables from all of the major brands, we are confident that you’ll be pleased with the deals we offer.

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