Console gaming has never been so popular, combining ease of use with incredible graphics and fast online gaming, the latest consoles offer stunning performance at great prices.

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A PlayStation or Xbox is all about game performance, the computing speed they contain comes at an incredible price compared to the cost of achieving the same performance with a PC or laptop.

Consoles are easy to setup and use, with the latest processors and graphics chips pre-installed and ready to go, offering years of high-end gaming before you need to consider replacement.

Chances are if you’re looking to buy consoles you’ve already got an idea of which one you want, there are plenty of loyal PlayStation and Xbox diehards out there, but if this is your first purchase then we’ve got some thoughts for you.

Both have small footprints and easy to use controls, both deliver amazing graphics, they are not exactly cheap consoles, but at Zazko we offer the best deals, and with free delivery you can be sure of getting value for money with us.

PS4, PS Vita

With the new PS4 you can experience incredibly vivid, vibrant colours with breath-taking HDR visuals, all in a package that is 30% slimmer and 16% lighter than the original PS4 model.

It comes with 500GB and 1TB storage options and gives you access to the best TV and movie entertainment, coupled with the ability to play DVD and Blu-ray discs.

If you want to game on the go then the majority of PlayStation 4 games can be played on a PS Vita using Remote Play, and a PS Vita can also access compatible games on your PlayStation 3.

Xbox One

With Xbox, you can play more than a hundred exclusive games available only on this console, along with a vast library of older Xbox 360 games, and the new Xbox One S supports 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray and HDR.

Check out Amazon and Netflix in 4K Ultra HD, you’ll never look back, or look away!

Big names like FIF17 and Gears of War 4 are available on Xbox live, taking online gaming to new levels of reliability.

HDR (High Dynamic Range) delivers an incredible colour palette, more vibrant and bright colours explode onto your screen.

Whatever your choice, Zazko are ready to get all gamers on mission by helping them buy consoles, all at the best prices and with free delivery.