Blank CD, DVD and Blu-Ray

Writeable media may not be the most exciting purchase, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t an essential one, if you’re looking to move files about, operate a back-up system, or archive photos, then reliable blank media is something Zazko can help you with.

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Blank Writeable Media

We have a great range of CDs, DVD’s and Blu-ray discs, we only stock the best brands such as TDK and Verbatim, offering high densities and capacities in all of the available formats.

More is less

We stock large quantities if you need them, giving you the best possible volume discounts.


There are a number of labelling options available to you, whether laser etching on to discs using compatible writers, or inkjet printing directly on to certain types of discs, giving you a great way to extend your brand.

All of our products are available with free delivery, so if you want cheap discs, then buy here today.

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