Blade Servers

Blade servers are a much simpler version of regular servers, each blade only has processor components within, and blades are then installed in a chassis that houses the other main parts such as cooling systems, power supplies and networking components.

As a result, blade servers are reliable, scale up easily, and is very flexible as the blades can be hot-swapped.

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If you have come here to buy blade servers then it is likely you need them for a specific role, common applications are large data applications and web hosting, they are very powerful tools in these areas.

Due to their high performance, blade servers can get more done in the same amount of time as lower spec server systems, this can deliver efficiency savings, they are perfect for enterprise applications.

At Zazko we stock the best performing blade servers at the best prices, and we offer brands such as HP due to their experience with manufacturing these systems, reliability is clearly a key factor.

On the Zazko site alone there is quite a choice of differing server systems, and then many products to choose from, we are keen to ensure you get the best solution for your situation, and at the most competitive price, so our experts are standing by to provide you with the advice you need.

Once we’ve worked out the best fit for you, we can then supply your products swiftly and with free delivery, and we will be glad to discuss service and warranty plans for ongoing peace of mind.