Back-up Drives

We live in a digital world, and backing up data is fast becoming as important to business users as archiving records or duplicating documents has been in previous decades.

One way you can get the best protection is to buy back-up drives, for a business this is all about keeping vital data safe, as part of a wider data protection strategy.

Often backup data is stored off-site, giving you considerable redundancy in the event of data loss.

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The solution employed by many IT professionals is tape drives, they are cost effective and offer reliability; as a mature and well tested technology tape drives offer robust and flexible storage.

Tape drives come in a wide variety of capacities, and at Zazko we offer the best possible choice, from the likes of Fujitsu and Dell, the enterprise user will find everything they need here.

Another option is RDX drives, these are removable disks based on hard drive technology, they are again a very robust solution and are easy to swap in and out.

All of our products are available with free delivery, so whether you are looking to develop and improve on an existing enterprise system, or implement back-up drives as an entirely new setup, you’ll get a great deal at Zazko.

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