All-In-One PC

Simplicity is not always a word associated with computing, although things have improved considerably in recent years, if keeping things simple works for you, and you are looking for a computer, then it can make sense to buy an All-In-One PC, as they combine convenience and performance in a smart package.

An All-In-One PC has the benefits of a modest laptop sized footprint, coupled with the big screen and full size keyboard of a desktop PC.

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Why is it for me?

We cram an awful lot into our homes, as over the years we have added to our technological needs, but All-In-One computers offer the same power and performance as a desktop, in a smaller, neater package, so you don’t need to compromise.

It may be that you prefer a clean, clear workspace or living environment, the All-In-One format is as good as this gets, with smart screens and no ugly tower box to find a home for.

Many All-In-One PCs are equipped with touchscreens, which provides a big leap in usability, bringing in the benefits usually found in tablets and smartphones to the desktop experience.

You may remember when it was all about ‘plug and play’, well All-In-One computers are in many respects the culmination of this idea, they are designed as a fully compatible package.

Names you’ll know

HP, Dell, Lenovo, Asus, Apple, all names you may be familiar with, reliable brands that have an excellent track record, all available at Zazko, with Intel and AMD providing the processor power across the range.

Apple iMac

It doesn’t get much better than the Apple iMac, design and performance built to the highest standards, a premium machine offered at the best prices at Zazko, available with free delivery.

So, whether it’s a cheap All-In-One PC, or you want the very best, you’ll find it here.

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